About Betsey

I’m rarely on the fence, but often on the (green) roof.

This blog has its roots in my service on the Northfield Planning Commission (2001-2005) asking questions about how Northfield got where it was, where it wanted to go in the future, and who would pay for it.  The questions continued to be asked (but were not completely answered) when I served on the Northfield City Council from 2008-2012. Still asking the questions…

Currently, I’m on the board of streets.mn, Riverwalk Market Fair and steering committee for BikeNorthfield. In the recent past, I’ve served on the boards of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation and Strong Towns.  I’ve got degrees from Swarthmore College, Syracuse University and the University of MN Law School (between philosophy and law, I’m ready to argue with anyone about anything just for fun), I’ve been a Humphrey Institute Public Policy Fellow and participated in the Blandin Community Leadership Program (learning more strategies than argument for building community).

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I have one husband, one daughter, one dog, and one giant chicken.  I’m committed to cycling as basic transportation year-round and when not agitating and advocating around Northfield, I’m probably drinking coffee.


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