Another week

Last week I made my “to don’t” list including “don’t think about skateboards” and “don’t do any city council work” (aside from the meetings, of course)  — just a bit of burnout prevention there.  This week:

Regular council meeting: Get the full agenda or here are the highlights:

  • Appointments to the Mayor’s Youth Council and Mayor’s Taskforce on Youth Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Approving an RFP (that’s a Request for Proposal) for City Attorney services. As with financial auditors and other professionals who do work for the city, we periodically seek new ones: Maren Swanson and her firm Lampe Law Group have been probiding city attorney services since 1988 with RFPs in 1995, 1999 and 2001.  Much more information in the Council packet.
  • First reading of the new assessment ordinance policy which changes the city’s policy for assessments against your property when infrastructure improvements are made.
  • Consider making a recommendation on 800 mhz radio communication plan to Rice County.

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