Back to the State Fair, sort of

I got an email a few days ago from Transit for Livable Communities because I’d signed up to receive updates when I visited their booth at the Minnesota State Fair.   TLC is a Twin Cities organization which is more than transit; it’s a non-profit organization working for “balanced transportation system that encourages transit, walking, bicycling, and thoughtful development.”

I joined the Non-Motorized Transportation Task Force because I was interested in making walking and bicycling part of Northfield’s transportation planning and development; the new Transportation Plan is a move in the right direction if the Council works to implement its recommendations.

TLC does most of its work in the metro area, but Northfield can still benefit from their work.  TLC’s Resources page provides links to many reports and other info on transportation issues with a slant toward transit and non-motorized transportation, of course.  Check it out.

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