Council Goals, part 1

The Council met Friday, February 27 and again Saturday, March 7 to set goals for 2009.  We haven’t scored any yet, but it’s still early in the game (we continue with this topic as a discussion item on Monday’s agenda).

After our Saturday session, the Northfield News reported the 5 broad areas where we’re working: community sustainability, systems thinking initiatives, prioritizing city facilities, improving communications and adopting 5 year goals/financial plan.   A couple of these are obviously more focused than others, but I’d like to highlight a common thread running through them all – the Council wants to understand the Big Picture and develop plans and procedures which will help the City run effectively, plan well, listen carefully, and manage resources responsibly not only in 2009, but into the future.

The Northfield News has also editorialized “goals more useful measurable” and they’re correct.    However, rather than adopt superficial goals like “reduce number of boards and commissions” which the News suggested, we’re working our way down from 30,000 feet to the measurable steps toward the long term vision.

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