Fabulous news

The New York Times published a piece on Friday which is the best news I’ve read in a long time.   Coffee, it seems, has some mental health benefits beyond making me worth talking to every morning (afternoon, evening):

the subjects who had reported drinking three to five cups of coffee daily were 65 percent less likely to have developed dementia, compared with those who drank two cups or less. People who drank more than five cups a day also were at reduced risk of dementia, the researchers said, but there were not enough people in this group to draw statistically significant conclusions [my emphasis]

Why is this relevant to local government or public policy or Northfield?

First, I do most of my real thinking work before 9 am (and usually before 7) in the company of some fine dark roast coffee made from beans purchased at local coffee house Goodbye Blue Monday.  Coffee accompanies my best governmental thinking.

Second, Council meetings are at night when my IQ has a tendency to slip a few points…unless it is stabilized by additional intake of coffee.

Third, many valuable meetings with constituents, other Council members, and people who know Important Things take place at our local coffee emporia thus combining caffeine with local economic development and building community.

So now, in addition to doing my job better and faster, I am reassured that I’m also taking a positive step toward long term mental health.

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