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Extra! extra! Read all about it on the front page of the News. Suzanne Rook has a story about women in Northfield politics in today’s issue.

From L: me, Mary Rossing (mayoral candidate), Erica Zweifel (3rd Ward candidate) and Dixon Bond (Council member)

I rarely think of myself as a “woman candidate” instead of simply a “candidate” and would prefer voters consider my experience and the personal qualities I’ve worked hard to develop instead of the accidental one of being female…but one of the reasons I have the luxury of doing this is because of the women of my mother’s generation like Elaine Thurston, Jane McWilliams, Molly Woehrlin who worked so hard to break gender barriers.  My mother died when I was 19, so I am particularly grateful for the wealth of role models here in Northfield.  I’m also interested and curious about the large number of women who decided to run for office this year.

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