Fun Urbanism

Good dog!

There’s New Urbanism and Tactical Urbanism, but I’m trying to promote Fun Urbanism.  I love cities, especially big cities, because there are unexpected places or events which help multitudes of strangers play together.

What better place to help people play than the London Underground?  Millions travel by Tube – why not make it fun?   With elephants.  And art.

2 thoughts on “Fun Urbanism

  1. I heard about this from former Northfielder Alice Hargreaves, who is a senior majoring in Geography and Development Studies at McGill University.

    My only question is whether it’s possible to map out not just an elephant, but an Elephant and Castle.

    • There are a lot of dots on the map – you could try for the castle. I suppose it doesn’t count if neither the elephant nor castle use the Elephant and Castle station as one point. I love the Tube!

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