Green roof, updated

The thrilling conclusion to last summer was installing the green roof on our house.  See here and here for previous posts.   As the snow fell last winter, we wondered what would happen this Spring.  Here is what grew:

3 thoughts on “Green roof, updated

  1. Wow! I wanted to do that but someone said it would be too heavy for my roof. How do you compensate for the weight? I do have a couple of planters up there, but the black membrane really makes it too hot and they sometimes burn up.

    One of the sources that I found at nlc uses white membrane for roofs now. St. Paul is doing this too. Wish I had known this seven years ago.

    I’m going to tell a candidate for my office about your website.

    I am not running next year but have told my colleagues that I will often be a thorn in their sides. I do not intend to stop being interested in city business and wanting a government of and by the people. I was struck by this at the Memorial Day celebration when the Gettysburg address was read. Lincoln used of the people, by the people before he used for the people. I intend to also use a local foundation to bring more issues out into public discussion.

    • First rule of green roofs – consult a structural engineer. We built the addition on our house with the intention of putting the green roof on, so it was designed to carry the extra load. Retrofitting an existing roof is probably a lot trickier.

      And do stay involved with REd Wing government – your experience and insight are priceless.

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