From Suzie Nakasian @ 3:09 pm Sunday

Volunteers are Needed Immediately on Bridge Square:

The City is going to begin removing the unused sand bags that were placed to protect buildings. They need 20 people to facilitate the removal as soon as possible.

If you can volunteer some time to this, please report to Officer Sheena Basness at the NPD Police Command van on Bridge Square as soon as you can, fill out a volunteer form and then be assigned to designated areas.  Work is now getting underway and will likely last through the end of the day. Wear work gloves and work clothes.

Please report to the Command Van before joining in the cleanup effort. Also the general public is asked NOT to visit the flood site unless you intend to lend a hand with the clean up. Thank you!

After today: Your Help is also Needed!

If you are willing to be called on to help with the clean up effort in the next 2 to 4 weeks, please register to help at . You will be contacted to help out as needed.

If you have questions about today’s cleanup, call NPD Command Center at 507-321-0061.

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