More about bicycling

More stuff about bicycling:

“The best streets to cycle down are illegal to build in the majority of North America’s suburbs, because they’re too narrow, too pedestrian-oriented, too enclosed. Even the ones that are very pedestrian-oriented often restrict cyclists to bike lanes when they’d be safer mixing with cars” writes Placeshaker Hazel Borys with links to more bike stats (like Grist’s Bikenomics series) and this great video about bike lanes.

And Jay Walljasper’s Winter? Schminter! in MinnPost providing some corroboration for my assertion that there is no bad weather (for bicycling, running, walking or anything else outside) just inappropriate clothing.  Walljasper’s companion piece Bike Boom by the Numbers documents the increase in cycling in Minneapolis.

Finally, what all cyclists really want to know: How not to get hit by cars


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  1. (Regarding the bike lane video) Fortunately, Minnesota law does not require bicyclists to ride in the bike lane — only “as far right as practicable” on the “roadway” (a misleading term, since that kind of sounds like the entire roadbed/paved surface, but is actually defined as the vehicle travel lanes.)

    That said, I know that in practice, drivers can become quite irritable if a bicyclist is in their way if a bike lane (or parking lane, or even sidewalk) is available. One general strike for bike lanes, but that other site you link to makes a good point: “the #1 reason that more people don’t ride is because they think cycling is dangerous, and […] the #1 thing that would make them more comfortable is bike lanes”

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