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I blogged about Northfield’s forays into fiber optics awhile ago.    While working to develop a partnership with a fiber provider, we were also waiting for the NOFA (that’s Notice of Fund Availability) for federal stimulus grant opportunities.  The NOFA was published, but the bad news is that the grant eligibility requirements stipulate that the project area must be “underserved” by broadband which Northfield is not.  And Northfield is not alone.  Read the Strib’s article about this requirement here.  Read the (big) NOFA  here.  Get some background on the federal broadband stimulus funding initiatives here.

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  1. Honorable Councilperson: As you know, I do the LWV observing over the summer when Jane is gone. (Alternates last two weeks while I was attending a family wedding in IL)
    I checked at City hall today on what would be happening at tonight’s “work session”, as announced in the paper, but was told it was only a tour of the P/G property, led by a “gentleman from CRWP”, and that there would be no discussion.
    I therefor decided it would be rather weird to attend,even though it is a public meeting.
    However, I think it only reasonable that there would be remarks back and forth between the councilors as they take this tour, so I would appreciate your writing a little description of the evening on your blog… possibly noting the highlights, or concerns you might have regarding this property.
    Thank you…

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