Possible new soccer program in town

This is not city business, but the Council has stated it wants to build bridges to groups in Northfield who are less well served or connected in the community so the Northfield Soccer Association’s (I’m on the NSA Board) investigation into starting a TOPSoccer program deserves mention here.

TOPSoccer is a community-based soccer program for athletes with mental and physical disabilities.   Although the national webiste indicates the program is for youth, Minnesota includes athletes of any age with disabilities.  The NSA Board and some interested parents and players heard a presentation by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association TOPSoccer representatives who urged us to start our program this year.

I don’t know yet if we will get a Northfield TOPSoccer program started this season, but one event which is already on the calendar is the Kohl’s American Cup soccer festival and TOPSoccer tournament to be held in Northfield at the Spring Creek Soccer Complex on Saturday, July 11.

TOPSoccer would certainly help the NSA include players who haven’t been part of our program in the past and is a small but important bit of community building for Northfield.

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