Building a green roof – part 2

Sedum before planting
Sedum before planting

I blogged about the construction of our green roof leading up to the great mud-slinging event, but now the green roof is actually green and growing.

Through some contacts at the Minnesota Green Roofs Council (you can go see their “portable” green roof at the State Fair – it’s on  a small trailer), I’d heard that Dragonfly Gardens in Amery, Wisonsin was a great source for green roof plants and advice – it was.    They stocked a huge variety of sedum (stonecrop) and in addition to 8 flats of assorted sedum from Dragonfly, I supplemented with some red bee balm (monarda) from my garden and some bright yellow yarrow (achillea) from Knecht’s Nursery. Justin rigged up an irrigation system.   Watering the roof seems a bit odd, but we’re happy to report that the design of roof and scuppers works perfectly, the roof drains appropriately and the plants are getting established.

Planted - looking NW
Planted – looking NW
The other side - SE
The other side – SE

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  1. This so so cool!! Please keep showing us how your roof evolves as the plants mature. I’m looking forward to seeing your yarrow bloom, since I’ve only ever seen white and pink varieties. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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