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  • Safety Center financing – big update

    Tuesday is a big day in the safety center financing process.  The Council will vote on a resolution to approve the lease-revenue financing transaction – we will vote to close the deal, in other words. The package of documents is 551 pages, but the collection of documents is quite straightforward, so don’t let the size […]

  • Public Safety Center financing – live blogging the HRA meeting

    The next step in the Safety Center financing is approval of the bonding by the HRA (see the agenda and packet here) Public comments first. Kris Voh, former Councilmember and former HRA member, “after years and years of deliberation” about this project, Mr Vohs urges the HRA to “do it” and approve the funding mechanism. […]

  • Financing the Safety Center – taking the next steps – UPDATED

    UPDATE: Mayor Rossing has a column in the Northfield News on this topic. On June 5, the Council voted to use lease revenue bonds to finance the Public Safety Center, an action which generated much quiet support for acting to move the project ahead directly and efficiently plus a little public outrage from the same […]

  • Financing the Public Safety Center-what and why

    The June 5, 2012 Council agenda included 2 items related to financing the Public Safety Center – a public hearing required before the City could issue Capital Improvement Bonds and approval of a resolution authorizing the use of CIP Bonds for the Safety Center. The hearing was duly held and the Council heard from members […]

  • Safety Center decision making

    “Safety Center Policy Decisions” is first on Tuesday’s worksession agenda.  The staff memo states: The City Council has three major policy decisions to make related to the new Public Safety Center: 1. Reconfirm the joint Public Safety Center (PSC) Project 2. Choose a site for the PSC 3. Establish a budget and financing for the […]

  • Highest and best use

    Mayor Rossing has used the term “highest and best use” in the context of several projects in recent weeks with the latest iteration applied to the proposed relocation of the old depot to the Q Block.  As in: “Would relocating the depot to the Q Block be the highest and best use of that property?” […]

  • Another economic development link

    The Strong Towns blog is one of my favorites because of its big picture/local scale approach backed up by real data.   Here’s today’s blog post Starter Strategies for a Strong Town.    I’d love to see Northfield go through these “ten things all local governments should be doing right now to start the transition into a […]

  • Marathon meeting recap – public safety facilities

    When last we discussed the public safety facilities, we affirmed that the Woodley site (Highway 3 and Woodley Street) was the preferred site for the fire station AND asked KKE to do some preliminary work to determine whether a joint facility could fit on the site plus provide a proposal for changes to the fee […]

  • Referendum postponed

    Well, this is an interesting development.  Early Monday morning, I emailed this to Joel Walinski and Mary Rossing: I have been receiving an increasing amount of feedback on the upcoming referendum and the projects themselves expressing concern about the timing of the projects in light of both LGA cuts plus questions about whether the project […]

  • Dundas-Northfield meeting

    1st Ward Councilman Jim Pokorney nailed it when he observed that in his 8 years on the Council no other meeting like Monday night’s meeting between the Dundas and Northfield elected officials had ever taken place. Ostensibly, the meeting was called to discuss the possibility of sharing services to save money.  Mayor Mary Rossing outlined […]