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  1. Betsey, as I wrote in a follow-up comment:

    I think this worked AOK but a live chat tool using CoverItLive would be best for Council meetings and other events where discussion would be possible. But I can’t easily do that until City Hall provides wi-fi or an Ethernet hook-up. Scribble Live would seem to be best for those events where there are several people roaming around reporting live on what’s happening via their mobile devices, eg, Taste of Northfield, DJJD, Winter Walk, Crazy Daze, etc.

    So I won’t likely be replicating what I did on Monday for another Council meeting.

    But I think there’s another aspect to ‘live blogging’ and its variants that might be valuable for a council meeting and similar: it’s another way to draw people into the content of the meeting. See the live-blogging that the Uptake is doing on the Franken-Coleman saga.

    I’m wondering if it might serve some of the same purpose as having a TV reporter on the 10 pm news standing outside a council meeting giving a two minute summary plus some ten second clips of a few big arguments.  There’s very little content but it gives people a quick whack about an important issue and one then hopes that it’ll inspire more to follow up and go deeper.  And with live-blogging done via CoverItLive, people can actually engage in discussion while it’s happening.

    1. Thanks, Griff. I’m also thinking about the distinction between reporting what happens and providing commentary and analysis. I don’t think Council action lends itself well to mere play by play reporting – maybe a little critical commentary about the discussion might be of more interest and/or use (more biased, certainly). I guess if I was not a Council member and wanted to know what the Council does, I should watch it on NTV (or streamed live or dead in the near future?) if I can’t attend in person. Otherwise, give me some juicy analysis and start a good argument about what the Council is up to.

  2. Agreed. Which is why I’m excited to try using the CoverItLive service during a Council meeting.

    Can you help get a $50 wi-fi router installed in the council chambers for public use? If the library can do it, it should be a piece ‘o cake for the council!

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