Go read Pressville

Perhaps you’ve seen Pressville mentioned on Locally Grown, northfield.org and/or the Northfield News.   You can read all it about it on those pages.  I had fun attending a Pressville party on Thursday and talking to some of the students who are writing for Pressville.  If the future of journalism and blogging depended on these students, we could all relax.  They’re still learning, of course, so Griff’s little rant was at least premature, but it’s not whether they know how and when to link to other on-line media that caught my attention (besides, it’s tough to learn to write on the internet where everyone can see and comment on your progress).  I enjoyed their concern and conflict over journalistic ethics, good reporting and appropriate presentation – keep up the good thinking!   Thanks to Doug McGill and his students – I’m really looking forward to the next stories on Pressville.

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