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  • Connecting the West side, take 2

    Tonight (Tuesday, September 22, 2015), the Northfield City Council will discuss low-cost projects to improve bicycle and walking routes on the west side of the city linking neighborhoods and Saint Olaf College to downtown. Almost a year ago, the Northfield City Council voted to reject all bids received for the construction of what was called […]

  • Crossing the highway one intersection at a time

    Diagram of proposed changes to Highway 3 & 3rd Street Northfield

    Crossing Highway 3 in Northfield (on foot) should get somewhat easier soon.  Tonight, March 3, the Northfield City Council will vote whether to order plans and specifications for a redesign of the intersection at 3rd Street and Highway 3. Good for pedestrians This will be a big improvement for people on foot (and perhaps motorized […]

  • Soup and Cycles 2.0

    The 2nd Annual Soup and Cycles event will be Thursday, January 15 at 6 pm.  The inaugural Soup and Cycles event was organized by Councilmember Suzie Nakasian in November 2013 as “an information gathering and brainstorm for representatives of Northfield area bike clubs and bike-interested groups, community leaders and educators.”  The event was intentionally broad […]

  • Northfield Bikeable Community Workshop

    Northfield should be the sort of city where bicycling makes a lot of sense because it’s small enough to put most destinations within a couple of miles, there are regional trail connections (existing and planned) we have multiple formal and informal cycling groups (lycra-clad road cyclists, off-road, gravel riders, seniors and cruisers) Carleton and St Olaf Colleges provide 5,000 students who are young, active, environmentally conscious people less likely […]