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A very short history of bike planning in Northfield

I have been spending a lot of time as the unofficial historian of bike, pedestrian and street planning over on Facebook, so I decided to put together a quick history of how we got here. This is the bullet point … Continue reading

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Connecting the Community

The MN246 & Jefferson Parkway intersection is a critical link to connect the community.  For Valentines Day, the Northfield City Council will hear from consultant SEH about the intersection control evaluation of MN 246 and Jefferson Parkway which sought to “identify improvements that alleviate peak … Continue reading

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Dear Mayor Graham – Bike and pedestrian safety edition

Dear Mayor Graham, I hope you’ve been thinking about joining Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx’s  Mayor’s Challenge for improving safety for bicycle riders and pedestrians of all ages and abilities this year.  Northfield is so well-positioned to make significant progress on this … Continue reading

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Across the pond, happily

Yes, the blog has been silent of late.  I’m now writing from Cambridge, England and it took a bit of time and effort to accomplish the relocation.  Worth it, though. Cambridge, like Northfield, is a city of cows and colleges … Continue reading

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Changing the terms of the debate: fix car-centric language

One of my guiding principles is to make “transportation” when used in city and other planning and projects include ALL the ways people get around urban areas rather than transportation signifying only cars and trucks and then struggling to include … Continue reading

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Northfield’s Complete Streets policy one of the nation’s best!

Northfield’s Complete Streets policy has been recognized as one of the top 10 policies in the country for 2012 (we ranked #5 out of the 125 Complete Streets policies adopted in the US in 2012). What’s so great about having a Complete Streets … Continue reading

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Making change

I’m a fan of enlightenment and The Enlightenment, so any title like Social Change’s Age of Enlightenment is bound to get my attention.  It was enlightening, appropriately enough, and  reflects what we’ve been seeing emerge in Northfield: address social (as well … Continue reading

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