Tag: Fun urbanism

  • Fun urbanism: Making repelling bollards more inviting

    Bollards are booming since the 9/11 bombings in the United States and more recent vehicular terrorism in London (and elsewhere). Bollards and other defensive architecture may protect buildings and sidewalks from vehicles, but they typically don’t encourage people to come enjoy public spaces. Jersey barriers are probably only redeemable by really great graffiti or art […]

  • Fun urbanism: Putting more people and more play in playgrounds

    From Medium: A Q & A with Meghan Talarowski about why London playgrounds are more active and draw more adults than in the USA: The playgrounds are much more open-ended. They also have riskier, more adventurous elements, like giant tree houses or huge slides. So they attract a much wider age-range. A lot of the […]

  • Fun Urbanism – Spring edition

    As Minnesotans know, the end of winter brings green leaves and potholes. Fixing potholes and repairing sidewalks are important Spring tasks, but in the meantime perhaps we might simply enjoy them with The Pothole Gardener.  

  • Fun urbanism: Age-friendly edition

    As someone who is only temporarily middle-aged, I’m hoping to live in a place where being old is not made more difficult by my built environment. Northfield might be that place by the time I get old.  The Northfield City Council just heard a presentation from a group working for an Age-Friendly Northfield using the […]

  • No fun urbanism

    Sarah Goodyear doesn’t want us to have fun.  She complains fun urban tricks like swings, slides and games are “dangerously beside the point” of making cities safer, cleaner and more livable. I think this criticism misses the point.  Swings and slides are not “design solutions” and I don’t believe they’re intended to solve big city […]

  • Fun urbanism – design your own fun

    Play is important for learning, exercise, community-building, and fun.  Although one can play pretty much anywhere, some places just invite a bit more playful interaction. So here’s the PlayScapes competition to choose a design to recycle a not very good place into a playful, productive place. “Ask yourself where is that part of the city […]

  • Fun urbanism – more slides

    British football fans may soon be able to have more fun than just the game at St. James Park in Newcastle.  Slides from the stadium seating 53,000 to the parking area and train station are planned and waiting for approval.  Utrecht’s “travel accelerators” got the ball sliding, so to speak, and Newcastle is looking to make […]

  • Fun urbanism for a winter day

    Subzero temps here in Minnesota, but no snow and no (cross country) skiing which makes this winter uninspiring at best.  So, here’s today’s fun urbanism from East London’s  Pothole Gardener.

  • Let the games begin – more fun urbanism

    In my continuing theme of fun stuff to do in cities, I discovered other games were happening in London during the recent Olympics – games we all can play (wheelchair friendly games were included).

  • Encouraging citizen engagement of another sort

      Can street furniture encourage social interaction?  Worth a try.  Or perhaps “meeting bowls”?  And, don’t forget all the fun ideas over at The Fun Theory by VW dedicated to the idea that making things fun can help us change behavior for the better.