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  • If MNDoT can do it…

    I’ve already written about MNDoT’s new context-sensitivity and efforts to engage citizens and city officials.  Then I attended a CIMS – that’s Corridor Investment Management Strategy – conference in Owatonna a few months ago dealing with the I-35 corridor and related routes a few months ago.  The latest to come from the CIMS meeting is […]

  • Complete Streets update

    First, some bad news from the federal level where the Complete Streets provision has been removed from the long-debated, much amended Transportation bill. Other better news from the top: the National Complete Streets Coalition is incorporating as an official program of Smart Growth America which makes sense – streets, no matter how complete, are still […]

  • Bicycling and the NRA

    Bike Advocacy from the NRA Playbook got my attention since I am pro-bike and but not pro-gun.  The idea is not to whip your handgun out of your saddlebag or jersey pocket to shoot the motorist who ran you off the road.  No, apparently the NRA’s success at growing the organization and its almost legendary […]

  • City Council stuff this week

    It’s the 4th Monday which often means the Council gets a meetingless evening.  Not this week, however. There is a special Council meeting (“special” incidentally, does not mean that there is something special or ‘specially important or ‘specially controversial on the agenda but only that the meeting is not a “regular” meeting happening on the […]

  • Walkability

    Left, right, left, right… Joel Walinski’s weekly Administrator’s Memo has an interesting link this week to  Walk Score.  At Walk Score, you can enter your address (or any other address) and get a number between 0 and 100: 90–100 = Walkers’ Paradise: Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without […]