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  • Woodley Street: Narrowing the focus

    Northfield’s City Council is getting ready to discuss Woodley Street’s sidewalks on October 28. If this work session conversation follows the well-worn path of earlier sidewalk and street improvement projects, it will go something like this: progressive Council members who consider projects in the context of Northfield’s adopted policy (Comprehensive Plan, Safe Routes to School, […]

  • Dear Mike Obermuller (or your favorite candidate)

      Mike Obermuller is running for Congress here in CD2 looking to unseat John Kline.  At a campaign event last night, an interesting exchange and opening for new conversation emerged – Dear Mike Obermuller, I enjoyed having the chance to talk to you again at the campaign event in Northfield last night and was impressed at […]

  • Northfield’s Complete Streets policy one of the nation’s best!

    Northfield’s Complete Streets policy has been recognized as one of the top 10 policies in the country for 2012 (we ranked #5 out of the 125 Complete Streets policies adopted in the US in 2012). What’s so great about having a Complete Streets policy?  My big policy goal is to link transportation and land use planning to increase […]

  • Safety Center decision making

    “Safety Center Policy Decisions” is first on Tuesday’s worksession agenda.  The staff memo states: The City Council has three major policy decisions to make related to the new Public Safety Center: 1. Reconfirm the joint Public Safety Center (PSC) Project 2. Choose a site for the PSC 3. Establish a budget and financing for the […]

  • Northfield, a resilient town

    Ooh, what a nice little surprise in my Facebook newsfeed this morning – Strong Towns posted a link to their blog post about a recent conference on Back to Basics (of building strong, engaged communities) in Pine River, MN with this comment:  “Video from the Back to Basics Q&A, including Chuck Marohn expressing his affection […]