Sad news

The Northfield News reports Ron Griffith died yesterday.   My deepest sympathy goes out to his wife Beret and family.

My connection to Ron was through the Planning Commission – I encouraged him to apply to serve on the PC after he spoke at a public hearing before the PC when I was chair.   I can’t even remember what the issue was, but I was impressed by how well he understood the problem, his thoughtful statement and his general aura of enthusiastic competence.   After I left the Planning Commission, he continued to work in terrier-like fashion and Northfield can continue to appreciate his work on the Comprehensive Plan for years to come.

Ron and I were also both part of the Blandin Community Leadership Program in 2004 where I learned he thought he was “shy”–hard for me to believe that such a vibrant (almost vibrating), passionate man was shy.  Alas, it is even harder to believe that he is gone.  I’ll miss Ron, but Northfield is ever so much richer for his having lived and worked here.

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