Smart growth, smart towns and smart spending

As I noted in in a previous post, I think the 2008 “smart growth” Comprehensive Plan is fiscally smart, too.  The economic sustainability aspect of our development pattern is also why I’m a big fan of Strong Towns.  The Strong Towns message is getting out all over the place since their Curbside Chat companion booklet was published including:

As small cities struggle, a look at the high cost of low density development (Smart growth network)

How suburban sprawl works like a ponzi scheme (Atlantic Cities)

Paying for past choices: cities struggle with infrastructure (MPR article) and In an era of austerity, MN cities face tough decisions (podcast on MPR with Jim Miller of League of MN Cities).

I’m pleased that Chuck Marohn will be at the Council worksession on Tuesday, 11/29 to give a brief presentation to the Council.  I’m hoping my Council colleagues will find his information compelling enough to schedule a full blown Curbside Chat so the entire Northfield community can participate.

8 thoughts on “Smart growth, smart towns and smart spending

  1. I had thought so too, Griff. However, City Hall managed the scheduling and has allotted Chuck Marohn 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions – too brief for the whole Chat.

    • I wish I could – the Council, however, will be busy for another 10 agenda items. I encourage the rest of you to continue the chat and I’ll be interested to know what came up

  2. If you appreciate the message of the Strong Towns movement (I think it’s safe to call it that, since the message and ideas are rapidly gaining traction not just locally but nationally), please contact your Council representatives and tell them you’d like the City to consider the Strong Towns emphasis in their 2012 goals.

  3. I was very disappointed that there was no Council discussion after the Strong Towns presentation; I want to know who on the Council is a supporter and who is not, so those who are not convinced can be lobbied.

    Also disappointing that the Mayor, on the KYMN Council ‘morning after’ report said to Jeff Johnson, when asked about the presentation, that it could be discussed some other time.

    What better time than during this economic atmosphere, the EDA discussions, etc.?

    POLICY, POLICY, POLICY, the mantra for the New Year, Please!

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