Spring cleaning

Spring break is over (even if Spring has barely begun) and it’s time to get back to work after last week’s Council lull.

This week, Passover begins.   For our family, this involves, among other things, much housecleaning.   What I found while cleaning out the refrigerator is not too interesting, but my Spring cleaning is also metaphorical.  While cleaning house, I also try to tidy up my mental house a bit, reflect on what I’ve been doing and refocus on the Big Picture.    The discipline of the religious ritual helps with imposing order on the rest of my life.

No epiphanies, here.  No startling insights on issues before the Council.  No new ideas for how to really fix whatever may need fixing in Northfield.

Instead, I am thinking of the value of deliberate, deliberative process with small steps taken toward big goals.   Polishing silver is slow, tedious, but finally very satisfying.   None of my silver was mine to start with; it all comes with the history of my grandmothers (and great and great-great grandmothers).

What does this have to do with the City Council – nothing about local government is quick or convenient, but with effort can show great results.  The current Council also doesn’t start with brand new issues or situations, but steps into Northfield government including its past.  I remind myself to keep doing the small tasks while keeping the larger vision in mind.  Happy Spring.

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