3 thoughts on “Strong Towns in Northfield

  1. Oy. When I went to college in Northfield — I graduated back in 2000 — I was complaining that what the city needed was
    (1) an intercity passenger train line to the Twin Cities (proposed as the “Dan Patch Line”, sabotaged by a ban on discussion imposed by some Lakeville state legislators),
    (2) taller buildings in in the walkable part of town which already had sidewalks (which is basically from St. Olaf on the west to Prairie St. on the east, and Lincoln Parkway on the north to Jefferson Parkway on the south)
    (3) Pedestrian improvements around Route 3, which was dangerous to cross and created a sort of “dead zone”.

    I am sad to hear that the Northfield Planning Commission continued to approve masses of tract homes on farmland from 2001-2005. A terrible choice.

  2. Speaking of bad urban design, I see that Northfield Hospital is in a particularly horrifying location, reachable *only* by car — it really should be moved.

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