Not just liberal types believe in downtown

I get a bit peeved when people talk about downtown Northfield as if it is a museum which, while cute, is not really very important the economic vitality of the city.  I get beyond peeved when the same critics suggest that a pro-downtown position is somehow indicative of liberal, economically-ignorant, anti-development, anti-growth, rose-colored glasses thinking.  I’m pro-downtown because that’s where we can really grow the tax base and add jobs without adding to the costs associated with extending infrastructure AND create a place which is lively, walkable, and people want to be (and spend money).

First, let’s do the Simple Math and start adding more value per acre to all the land in Northfield, especially downtown.

Now, let’s add some support for this New Urbanist (smart growth, Strong Towns, sustainable development) view from the conservative American Enterprise Institute.