Skateboards – some progress

I just sent off my completed “Skate Board Plaza Site Evaluation Matrix” ranking 10 Northfield parks according to 21 criteria to Joel Walinski, City Administrator.   I guess this means we’re moving the issue along somewhat although I am cringing in advance about the next Council discussion.

But forget the Council’s next move.  Mary Rossing and Joel Walinski should get a few rounds of applause for moving quickly on the temporary skate park in Babcock Park.  See the News, Northfield Union of Youth and Locally Grown’s coverage for more news and pictures

And in national skateboard news, the Wall Street Journal had a story about Portland, OR’s skateboard “infrastructure” today – the most interesting bit is that skateboarding is maturing enough that folks who skate are now occupying positions in municipal government.  In a few years, I’d like to see Joe McGowan of the Skateboard Coalition running for office in Northfield.

And then there’s skateboard celebrity: Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder, now has his own wax counterpart at Madame Tussaud’s.