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Me with Ruth Amerman, President of the Northfield Union of Youth

Me with Ruth Amerman, President of the Northfield Union of Youth

The Key threw a birthday party for itself last week – it’s 15!  I went to the party along with quite a few other Northfield adults (and the Key board and other Key kids, of course-Griff Wigley has more pictures and a blogpost over at Locally Grown).  Right after this picture was taken I asked Ruth Amerman where she’d put a new Key building if she got to pick.  Unfortunately, we got interrupted and I never heard her answer.   The Northfield News editorial staff , however, has picked up on this issue today in Find the Key kids the space they need.

Finding new space for The Key is only one thing the kids are working on.  There’s also the Skate Park which the Park Board recommended and the Council approved for Ames Park – I expect some fireworks at Council meetings when this  project gets closer to reality because some are not so thrilled about the location.    I’m in favor of both the skate park and supporting the decision making which has already occurred.  I’m especially supportive of the persistence and effort of the Skateboard Coalition in researching skateboard parks, designing a facility, raising money, and working with the city to find a location (this was not a quick nor easy process).   It takes a lot of passion to work so hard for a project which may not be completed while the youth are still youthful.

Plus there’s the weekly KeYMN radio show on KYMN (Saturday mornings at 9; podcasts on iTunes) and all the activities for youth…

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