Why I’m running

I’ve been watching and working with the City Council since 2001 when I was appointed to the Planning Commission; now I want to be part of the policy-making team rather than a member of an advisory board.

Northfield has invested time and money in planning for the future; we need to carry out these plans.  I’ve been involved with the drafting of both the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Plan which the City Council should adopt very soon.  Northfield should also adopt a new Park, Trail and Open Space Plan in the near future.  These plans provide guidance for sustaining the historic downtown, improving our transportation network, and conserving natural resources.

Northfield, like most cities, faces financial challenges, but I believe we can find strategic ways to prioritize our facilities needs such as improving the Safety Center or expanding the Library, systematically address on-going needs such as street repair and park development, and maximize resources by partnering with colleges, business and surrounding towns and townships.

If elected to the City Council to represent Ward 2, I will give Ward 2 residents a strong voice and help develop the smart strategies Northfield needs to meet challenges and sustain its sense of place.

I’m currently a member of the Charter Commission and have also served on the Planning Commission, Non-Motorized Transportation Task Force, and Library Board.  I’ve been a Humphrey Institute Public Policy Fellow and part of the Blandin Community Leadership Program.  I’ve got the experience and vision to help Northfield grow smart.

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