2 thoughts on “Why should Northfield focus on bikes?

  1. I’ve written a hundreds of blog posts over the last six years and done hundreds of hours of interviews and podcasts. If you want credibility, pull a quote from my work — it’s not like I’ve been private about it — instead of making some up from a meeting. A sad misquote that reflects on the author with its combined pettiness and irrelevancy to the topic she’s trying to address.

    • Chuck, I carefully recorded the quote at the meeting along with my own thoughts about how to make good use of people who start with more focused interests than the Strong Towns big picture. I was a little shocked at your statement at that meeting (which is why I wrote it down in the first place), but it was enlightening – how do we build from narrower interests or specific kinds of advocates to change the world. I believe the Strong Towns message is a powerful one, but also one which is difficult to grasp or accomplish whole. Bikes are a good place to start.

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